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What is an Attentionist?


Attentionism is about an awakened way of believing, feeling, and living. Most of us, most of the time, live in a state of survival with no real choice in sight. We feel like we have to do what we’re used to doing and what we see everyone else doing. We’re frightened, and the common wisdom says—you have no choice. However, with teachings, tools, and proper guidance, we can discover our power, center ourselves in choice, and realize that we in fact have a mindful choice in every step of our journey, no matter where we are in life.

An Attentionist is a person who spends their most valuable asset—attention—intentionally, so that every action enriches their life! This is where the triad of Attention, Intention, and Action come together in order to serve us in our journey of expansion. An Attentionist lives mindfully and knowingly with choice!

What is a Mindful Attentionist Coach?


Mindful Attentionist Coaches can fill a vital void in the drifting, unbalanced state of the world today both at individual and collective, personal and professional, and local and universal levels.

Mindful Attentionist Coaches are educated and supportive mentors who first and foremost transform their own beliefs and behavior, and then show and coach clients and others how to do the same.

Mindful Attentionist Coaches realize that our world is fragmented and it’s up to us to bring a sense of wholeness back. They no longer count on institutions, governments, or others to do that for us. They take full responsibility for building a mindful world that they want to live in, choice‑by‑choice. Leaving this pivotal role to others is exactly how we got to this broken point in the first place!


The Attention crisis

Our attention is our inner currency, and if it was land, it would be the most valuable real estate in the world. The cost of a 30-second Super Bowl Ad in the US in 2020 was $5,600,000. This means an hour of our attention from the point-of-view of advertisers was worth $672,000,000. And this is only one of numerous ways the world is willing to pay for our attention.

So why is our attention so worthy to others, and, at times, so unworthy to us? Why do we spend it so carelessly? Is there an attention crisis in the world, with media, apps, games, and politics sucking it away? It seems at times like there are attention thieves targeting us from all sides? Can we turn that around and take our attention back, become our own attention CEOs?

The answer to the all-important last question is YES, absolutely! Regardless of what’s going on in the world and what tricks are being developed to rob us from spending our attention mindfully, we can take charge, join the Mindful Choice Movement of Attentionists, and reclaim our most valuable asset, our inner currency, our attention!


What can you do as a Mindful Attentionist Coach?

Create an elevated way of living for yourself, and enhance the way you are with others—at home and at work—while mindfully helping make the world a healthier and happier place.

Create a private Mindful Attentionist Coaching Practice and help your clients make—and live with—the heart-and-head-centered choices that result.

Run Mindful Attentionist Education programs and teach courses on a variety of choice awareness areas in life.



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