Mindful "Attentionist" Coaching (M.A.C.) Program with Mitra Manesh in 2022


M.A.C. gives mindful coaching a new focus with an accent on attention. An “Attentionist” is mindful of the choices that offer themselves throughout the day, awake to the possibilities of breaking out of old patterns and suffering, and free from the prison of a programmed, robotic life.

• Are you ready to be a mindful Attentionist?
• Are you ready to live a Choice‑Centered life?
• Are you ready to Coach others to do the same?

Choice is the essence of life. But for most of us, most of the time, our choices are unconscious, reactive and habitual; they feel like they’re not really choices at all.

Attention is the key to turning this around. Conscious attention to the everyday flow of experience, the choice-points that present themselves throughout the day, the opportunities to wake up and become active participants in life with an ongoing sense of choosing who and how we want to be and live.

An Attentionist has mastered the practice of meeting choice with Intention, and of turning intention into mindful Action. That mindful triangle—Attention, Intention, and Actioncan empower us and change our lives from the inside out. It can determine whether we wake up and take charge, or sleepwalk and suffer. The choice is ours! 


Join us on a transformative journey to an Attentional, Intentional, Choice‑Centered Mindful Life, and a career of helping others—and the planet—make a similar shift.

We offer both Self‑Transformation and Coaching Training Programs. All participants start with self‑transformation and then continue (or not) to the coaching program, because we believe unless you have it, you cannot coach it!

The programs will begin in September 2022.


A note from our founder,
Mitra Manesh

Leading a Mindful Attentional Choice‑Centered life, and representing and modeling it for those around you, is a deeply meaningful way of elevating yourself, and the collective.

But guiding and coaching others in their journey of mindful choice can also be richly rewarding, both inwardly and outwardly, as coaching is one of the fastest-growing and most flourishing sectors in the world. According to IBISWorld the US market size of the Business Coaching industry alone, measured by revenue, will be $11.2 billion in 2022, and the International Coaching Federation reports 21% industry growth since 2015.

M.A.C. is based on nearly 4 decades of experience, exposure, and creativity in the field of mindfulness education at both personal and professional levels.

An education from M.A.C. will teach you how to reach your own highest level of mindful choice‑making and awake‑ness, and empower you to help others do the same, making a real difference in their lives and the world we share.

The Attentionist concept is a new and empowering way of understanding, applying and teaching mindful, choice‑based living. Our program identifies and addresses obstacles, provides strategies, and guides you to learn to live like an Attentionist, with a keen appreciation of your most precious asset—your attention! You’ll learn and earn a well‑rounded education that will allow you to live a mindful and choiceful life while pursuing meaningful career paths.

Whatever your goals, personal, professional, or both, we’re here to help. On behalf of the M.A.C. Team, I invite you to join us in our Mindful Attentionist/Choice Movement by participating in our program. We can’t wait to have you on board and support you on this unprecedented and exciting endeavor.




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