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About the Program


The Attentionist concept is a new and empowering way of understanding, applying and teaching mindful, choice‑based living. Our program identifies and addresses obstacles, provides strategies, and guides you to learn to live like an Attentionist, with a keen appreciation of your most precious asset—your attention! You’ll learn and earn a well‑rounded education that will allow you to live a mindful and choiceful life while pursuing meaningful career paths.


Why is this program needed?


There is a lot of suffering in our world, especially now. A great deal of that suffering is due to our lack of know‑how about our unused, underused, and misused choices. Recent global events have taught us that we can’t rely on the permanence of external norms, even if they have served or are currently serving us. We learned that our truest asset is the way we see and lead our lives. We learned that we are contagious and interconnected in our ignorance and intelligence, in our harm and healing, and in our regression and transformation.

Mindful Attentionist education in general, and the Mindful Attentionist Coaching program in particular, are needed because they provide simple ways of understanding the complicated whys of where we are and how we got here, along with practical tools for bringing wholeness back to our fragmented world.

Our program objectives for you

Create a clear understanding of the mindful choices you have in life, and how you can be the commander-in-chief of your own attention, health, and happiness.

Develop your coaching knowledge and know-how in order to guide others to explore their own mindful choice options.

Contribute to the global Mindful Choice Movement by becoming an Attentionist and living a choice-centered life.

Your Instructor


Mitra Manesh

Innermap Founder & Mindfulness Educator

Mitra is the creator of the Mindful Attentionist Coaching (M.A.C.) program, an inside-out program for deep training of global mindful coaches. She is a mindfulness thought-leader, story-teller, and educator with almost 4 decades of experience helping people of all ages and many different cultures bring mindfulness and balance to their lives at home and at work.


What sets us apart

Mitra created her own field of mindfulness-based coaching for individuals and corporations almost 4 decades ago, and is highly experienced in self‑coaching, group coaching, individual coaching, and executive coaching.

We believe if you haven’t been mindfully coached, you can’t coach others authentically & effectively. The first 3 months, the First Term, of the program is focused on you and is all about you.

The second part of the program, the Second Term, goes deep into the specific aspects of mindfulness-based coaching with the focus on choice‑awareness. Even though mindfulness teaching has been popular in recent years, the coaching angle of this field remains largely untouched. Mitra is one of a few seasoned mindfulness educators who is offering coaching training in this field.

This is a unique program that is not academic, scientific, or mystical, but encompasses all of the above without being limited by each.


What can you do as a Mindful Attentionist Coach?

Create an elevated way of living for yourself, and enhance the way you are with others—at home and at work—while mindfully helping make the world a healthier and happier place.

Create a private Mindful Attentionist Coaching Practice and help your clients make—and live with—the heart-and-head-centered choices that result.

Run Mindful Attentionist Education programs and teach courses on a variety of choice awareness areas in life.



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