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Mitra’s "Attentionist" Executive Coaching is distinct from other types of coaching. It guides you through knowing yourself better, realizing your wider options, and making mindful choices that add to the health, wealth, and wisdom of you and your organization.

In essence, Mitra provides a 360-degree survey from a wider choice point, and an elevated & thorough inner & outer perspective that allows you to best identify your skills, needs, and values, grow in and beyond your current position, improve your productivity, and achieve more sustainable happiness at work and at home.

Her coaching covers many subjects, including: Compassionate Self-Awareness, Mindful Interpersonal Relationships and Listening Skills, True Influence, Peaceful Communication at Work and Home, Effective Leadership During Times of Change, Professional and Personal Life Balance, Working With Non-Monogamous Love Relationships… and other subjects that many executives struggle to identify and address.

Each 50-minute session consists of a short centering practice, your check-in, an extensive process of executive coaching, Q&A, and a summary of the 3 main points discussed in the session. A short written summary is also provided as a text by the following day.

What clients say

Mitra Manesh has an amazing gift for helping people get clear about what’s holding them back, and how best to move forward. I recommend her highly.

—Sean Rad

I met Mitra at a mindfulness meditation class and I immediately knew she was special. Her approach is no nonsense and practical – it brings calm yet somehow propels you forward at the same time. There is no one like her.

—Steve Levitan

I refer to Mitra as my “magician”. I marvel at her assessments of me exactly as I would if I was watching a perfectly executed card trick. Except there are no tricks here. Mitra is a skilled technician who specializes in precision when guiding her clients toward that “aha” moment of clarity. My time with Mitra has completely transformed my life. I am forever grateful to Mitra and full-heartedly recommend her magical services to anyone looking to live a life more fulfilled.

—Shanit Frydman

Mitra makes hard conversations easy. In our time together, she truly listens and reflects my experience but also pushes me to the next level. Her approach has helped move our organization forward through transition and helped me be a more mindful leader.

—Betsy Hoover

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