Mindful Attentionist Professional Coaching Program

Coaching others in their journey of choice, specially after you’ve travelled the same road yourself, is richly rewarding and deeply effective, both inwardly and outwardly, as coaching is one of the fastest-growing and most flourishing sectors in the world.

We offer MAC Professional Coaching after MAC Personal Self‑Coaching because we believe unless you have it, you cannot coach it!

Join us on a transformative journey to a choice-centered life, and a career of helping others—and the planet—make a similar shift.


During this 3-month intensive program, you will learn foundational coaching dos and don’ts, as well as creative and empowering ways to allow clients to mindfully navigate their own choice journeys. Many of you will be creating your own Mindful Attentionist Coaching business. We will bring experts in to teach you skills needed to successfully start your business as a Mindful Attentionist Coach.

What is a Mindful Attentionist Coach?


Mindful Attentionist Coaches can fill a vital void in the drifting, unbalanced state of the world todayboth at individual and collective, personal and professional, and local and universal levels. 

Mindful Attentionist Coaches areeducated, practiced, and supportive mentorswho first and foremost transform their own beliefs and behavior, and then professionally coach others on how to do the same. 

Mindful Attentionist Coaches realize that our world is fragmented and it’s up to us to bring a sense of wholeness back. They no longer count on institutions, governments, or others to do that for us.They take full responsibility for building a mindful world that they want to live in, choice by choice.Leaving this pivotal role to others is exactly how we got to this broken point in the first place! 

What can you do as a Mindful Attentionist Coach?

Create an elevated way of living for yourself, and enhance the way you are with others—at home and at work—while mindfully helping make the world a healthier and happier place.

Create a private Mindful Attentionist Coaching Practice and help your clients make—and live with—the heart-and-head-centered choices that result.

Run Mindful Attentionist Education programs and teach courses on a variety of choice awareness areas in life.

What this program covers: 

  1. MAC Professional Coaching System & Ethics

  2.  Notes & Support

  3.  Mindful Communication – Voice, Language, and Time management

  4.  Working with different kinds of clients and Client Relations

  5.  Protecting yourself Energetically, Legally, and Practically

  6.  Relationship with money and Charging Clients

  7.  Form & Substance of working online and in-person

  8.  Business of Coaching

  9.  Practice, Practice, Practice – as a Coach and a Coachee

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