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Re-Writing the Story of Your Life

Join Mitra Manesh in this virtual class where we will identify our "story"—the story we tell ourselves, consciously or not, to explain, excuse, and justify the recurring patterns of our lives. We'll identify whose story we’re actually living. We'll summon the authority to author our own story. And we'll begin to write that story, the one we truly wish to live, with compassion and a deeper sense of awareness. 

What you'll learn:

  • How to identify and question one of our self-limiting and recurring stories.
  • Explore ways to identify stories, and work on identifying and letting go of our chief negative story in life.
  • Create context for our new stories by activating our Free Will.

What you'll get:

  • Unlimited audio & video access.
  • 3 weeks of recorded sessions (4+ Hours).
  • Summary Notes & Practices for each week.
  • Mobile access to all the course content with the free Kajabi app.
  • 1-Month Free Subscription to innermap App: mindful living, beyond meditation (iOS - Apple Only).
  • Discounts & first access to future live workshops and pre-recorded courses when you subscribe to our email list.


What her students say:

“What I’ve learned from Mitra transcends the basics of meditation and mindfulness. She’s taught me how to incorporate mindfulness into the flow of my daily life. As a result, my relationships have improved, I treat myself with more kindness and compassion, and I feel that my inner wisdom is more accessible and available to me when I need it most. Mitra has shown me that living a joyful, meaningful life is an art form and that happiness can be found in every aspect of being human.”

— Chris

“Mitra’s mindfulness classes have had a profound impact on my approach to life since I started 6 years ago. Her wisdom, compassion and guidance have helped me to live calmer and be more focused and present. I’m constantly learning and growing as I continue to take her classes.”

— Nancy E.

“Every single workshop I've taken with Mitra has been life-changing, awareness boosting and like medicine for my soul. I think what sets her apart is her way of making all the wisdom she shares so actionable, it's a rare find in a teacher.”

— Aiko

“Mitra’s programs and teaching is different from conventional Mindfulness workshops. She engages participants in a deep understanding and practice that goes beyond mindfulness and unexpectedly you find yourself in a state like psychodrama and yet the Self remains with your wishes. Capturing experience that you like to have repeated, every time you discover a new aspect of yourself to change or develop.”

— Vana

“Just wanted to say thanks for another great class, I couldn’t take notes fast enough, as my mind wanted to ponder on some of what you taught and I found myself saying, “Crap, what did she just say, I missed it.” Ahh, such is life. Thank you again for being such a great teacher and giving me tools I wish I would have had long ago in life, but grateful I have them now. It’s like being a kid in a candy store and it's always so cool, exciting to me when I have those aha moments and see/realize the personal growth. Wish I could share them all with you, but you’ve probably heard them all. You have a gift Mitra Manesh, don’t ever stop teaching.”

— Nikki

“Mitra’s podcast and mindfulness classes are what the world needs right now, an authentic honesty that we all need to hear and classes that are fun to participate in. The interaction with other participants who are at different levels of their practice is profound and Mitra spends a lot of time succinctly answering everyone’s questions, often at times staying back later than the end time to ensure everyone is listened to.”

— Matthew L.