"The Peace Studio" asked me what peace means to me... What came up for me surprised me

featured in peace Jan 19, 2021

My peace offering for The Peace Studio:

"I went deep into inquiry of what peace truly means to me. I journaled about it, I meditated on it, and I have to say the result surprised me. I realized I feel a sense of peace when connectedness, unity, and oneness is present, and when I remember I am a cell in the body of life! I shared my findings with my gifted team at Innermap, and Jenn Godoy and...

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Feeling un-represented in your relationships? Here’s what you can do

boundaries relationships Jan 08, 2021


“If you can’t change a situation, change the energy around it.”

— Mitra Manesh 


Are you able to say “no” compassionately? Often, the inability to say no can lead to unhealthy and unsustainable relationships.

If you consider the many different boundaries you have for different relationships, it’s clear that there are diverse meanings...

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