Mindfulness thought leader with more than 3.5 decades of experience

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Mitra Manesh

Mitra Manesh

Innermap Founder & Mindfulness Educator

Mitra is a mindfulness thought-leader, story-teller, and educator with over 3.5 decades of experience helping people of all ages and many different cultures bring mindfulness and balance to their lives.

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"Mindfulness is being Aware and Accepting of our Present moment experience with Curiosity and Compassion"



What her clients say

Mitra Manesh has an amazing gift for helping people get clear about what’s holding them back, and how best to move forward. I recommend her highly.

—Sean Rad

I met Mitra at a mindfulness meditation class and I immediately knew she was special. Her approach is no nonsense and practical – it brings calm yet somehow propels you forward at the same time. There is no one like her.

—Steve Levitan

For the past five years, Mitra Manesh mindfulness work and teachings have guided me in ways no one else has been able to. She has a unique ability to strip down a problem to its core and come up with a practical & tangible approach to handling it. No matter the issue, the subject, or the magnitude, Mitra makes any resolution feel attainable. There is also no one better at teaching the importance of self-love, and the basis of how to practice that. She truly is magic – I trust she could guide anyone on any type of problem, hurdle, or concern, in a way few others could.

—Jessica Graboff

Mitra has truly transformed my life. Through Mitra's teachings, I have learned invaluable lessons and tactical skills on how to live more mindfully, and lead more effectively. In the past 4 years, she has provided me with the tools to create clarity, focus and take action with a full heart. Mitra has been an incredible force in my life, and one of my greatest teachers.

—Farryn Weiner

I refer to Mitra as my “magician”. I marvel at her assessments of me exactly as I would if I was watching a perfectly executed card trick. Except there are no tricks here. Mitra is a skilled technician who specializes in precision when guiding her clients toward that “aha” moment of clarity. My time with Mitra has completely transformed my life. I am forever grateful to Mitra and full-heartedly recommend her magical services to anyone looking to live a life more fulfilled.

—Shanit Frydman

UCLA Collaborative & live events

Join Mitra at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center for a practical and playful journey to the world of mindfulness. Events are open to all.


Executive Coaching

Distinct from other types of coaching. It guides you to know yourself better, realize your wider options, and make mindful choices that add to your and your organization’s health, wealth, and wisdom.


Workplace Education

Invite Mitra to empower your workplace and decision‑makers from the inside out. 


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Mitra Manesh shares videos on her YouTube channel to answer your questions, tell new stories, and more.

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Get my FREE 1 Hour Session to learn "What’s your most valuable asset in life & how can you benefit from it?"

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