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What is this course about?

Can we access happiness in these—or any other—challenging times? Does mindfulness have anything to do with happiness? Join Mitra Manesh in this timely, applied mindfulness course, to find answers to these and any other questions you may have about the cultivation and application of happiness in everyday life.

What you'll learn

  • What is happiness and identifying common obstacles around it.
  • The difference between joy and happiness and understanding the triangle that supports it.
  • Identify the difference between pursuing happiness and escaping unhappiness.
  • Practices and tools to help us connect with our joy and to facilitate our happiness.

What you'll get

  • Unlimited audio & video access.
  • 3 weeks of recorded sessions (4+ Hours).
  • Summary Notes & Practices for each week.
  • Mobile access to all the course content with the free Kajabi app.
  • 1-Month Free Subscription to innermap App: mindful living, beyond meditation (iOS - Apple Only).
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What Mitra's students say

Every single workshop I've taken with Mitra has been life-changing, awareness boosting and like medicine for my soul. I think what sets her apart is her way of making all the wisdom she shares so actionable, it's a rare find in a teacher.

— Aiko

Mitra’s programs and teaching is different from conventional Mindfulness workshops. She engages participants in a deep understanding and practice that goes beyond mindfulness and unexpectedly you find yourself in a state like psychodrama and yet the Self remains with your wishes. Capturing experience that you like to have repeated, every time you discover a new aspect of yourself to change or develop.

— Vana

What I’ve learned from Mitra transcends the basics of meditation and mindfulness. She’s taught me how to incorporate mindfulness into the flow of my daily life. As a result, my relationships have improved, I treat myself with more kindness and compassion, and I feel that my inner wisdom is more accessible and available to me when I need it most. Mitra has shown me that living a joyful, meaningful life is an art form and that happiness can be found in every aspect of being human.

— Chris

Just wanted to say thanks for another great class, I couldn’t take notes fast enough, as my mind wanted to ponder on some of what you taught and I found myself saying, “Crap, what did she just say, I missed it.” Ahh, such is life. Thank you again for being such a great teacher and giving me tools I wish I would have had long ago in life, but grateful I have them now. It’s like being a kid in a candy store and it's always so cool, exciting to me when I have those aha moments and see/realize the personal growth. Wish I could share them all with you, but you’ve probably heard them all. You have a gift Mitra Manesh, don’t ever stop teaching.

— Nikki

Mitra’s mindfulness classes have had a profound impact on my approach to life since I started 6 years ago. Her wisdom, compassion and guidance have helped me to live calmer and be more focused and present. I’m constantly learning and growing as I continue to take her classes.

— Nancy E.

Mitra’s podcast and mindfulness classes are what the world needs right now, an authentic honesty that we all need to hear and classes that are fun to participate in. The interaction with other participants who are at different levels of their practice is profound and Mitra spends a lot of time succinctly answering everyone’s questions, often at times staying back later than the end time to ensure everyone is listened to.

— Matthew L.

Mitra Manesh and her teachings are one-of-a- kind! I feel so rich and plentiful with the wisdom and knowledge I learn from her and particularly through this internal boundary class. There is no better wealth than self understanding with direction!

— Christine Lusita

I have had the gift of having Mitra - in one form or another - in my life for many years now. I find her to be a soul chiropractor - being able to identify and educate ourselves about ourselves - adjusting and aligning our inner spirit, energy, and intention. :). She is able to help with situations and pivot my perspective to show me a completely obvious, but somehow illusive, view. I find myself so often sharing my "aha" moments with friends and family after my sessions with Mitra. And, she gives me the space to take those moments, internalize them, and develop them into behaviors and practices that fit right for me at my life. She sees me with authentic and sincere love and kindness, and it inspires me to look at myself with the same love and kindness. She propels me to fly.

— Jenny

Mitra is a fantastic human being! If you have a chance to take her live course, do it. You will have a chance to interact with one of the best mindfulness coaches in the field. Her creativity and simple explanations will change your life if you are open to it. In a three-day course, I have already noticed a tremendous impact. Mitra cultivates a world of abundance, and I am so grateful to be able to be part of it. Mitra has given me many seeds of knowledge and helped me plant them in fertile soil. Please, don’t hesitate to take the course.

— Debora De Oliveira

I stumbled upon Mitra’s classes several months into the pandemic and I am so fortunate that I did because they have changed my life. Teaching mindfulness in a practical manner is truly an art and Mitra is a master of this. She delivers effectively and efficiently and with the upmost gentle and compassionate manner I have ever experienced or seen from an educator. And she continuously reminds us to treat ourselves in the same fashion. It’s evident that she practices what she preaches and that she has a gift. Mitra empowers you by helping you tap into your inner wisdom and balance the heart and mind together. We humans tend to suffer when there is an imbalance there and it’s so common in this day and age. I no longer say “easier said than done” after taking a series of her classes. I feel like I am a different person now, in the best way possible. She bestowed a pair of magical glasses upon me and now I can see the world and myself much more clearly. It’s much easier to navigate life when you have these spectacles! I can’t thank her enough for all that she has taught me and wish I had met her years ago. The world would be a much better place if her message and teachings are taught to everyone.

— Faranak

Mitra is an amazing teacher with a lot of knowledge about human psychology. She shares so many great examples from her own life both professionally and personally. I have taken quite a few classes with Mitra and have enjoyed every one of them!

— Nataly

Meet Mitra Manesh

Innermap Founder & Mindfulness Teacher


Mitra Manesh is the founder of “innermap”, an innovative new mindfulness App, and the host of “Lights on”, a podcast offering support for a mindful life. She is a mindfulness thought-leader, storyteller, and educator with over 3.5 decades of experience helping people of all ages and many different cultures to live, love, and lead more consciously at home and at work.

Her work is a blend of Western corporate training and Eastern inner-based practices. The result is a unique approach offering knowledge & wisdom in a practical and empowering way.

If you want to learn more about her, read her full bio here.

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